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Unibic Butter Cookies 75 g


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About Unibic Butter Cookies 75 g

If butter cookies are the reason behind your happy face and you are not allowed to have them because of health issues, then stop worrying. The next time you crave for something sweet and stop yourself because your guilt conscience won't let you, go grab a packet of Unibic sugarfree butter cookies!

These cookies are 100% sugar free and will give you guilt free pleasure of eating sweet butter cookies. In these cookies sugar is replaced by Maltitol, as a result of which sugar levels in your body do not rise. The cookies are perfectly baked with the right amount of crispness that they melt in your mouth. There is nothing better than a cup of tea and a packet of freshly baked Unibic sugarfree butter cookies. This combination can give your day a healthy start making it a great day. Unlike other sweet products which may cause dental decay, Unibic sugarfree butter cookies are indeed tooth friendly and provide oral health.

Unibic, an Australian brand has been providing irresistibly delicious, world class cookies for over 40 years now. Considering an increase in demand for sugarfree products the company has started, exclusively for their cookie lovers - Unibic sugarfree Butter, Cashew and Oatmeal cookies.


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