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Unibic Choco-nut Cookies 75 gm


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About Unibic Choco-nut Cookies 75 gm

Enjoy the goodness of the unique combinations of chocolates and nuts in the UNIBIC choco nut cookies.
UNIBIC Australia is a niche player in the Australian biscuit market and has been in business for over 40 years.
UNIBIC India was incorporated in August 2004 to produce
world class biscuits in a niche, unique and premium segment.
Filled with the joy of chocolates and nuts, these crispy and exceedingly simple butter cut-out cookies, offer a light overall taste and consistency that you can't stop eating. Have these choco nut cookies along with your tea , coffee or milk. UNIBIC choco nut cookies are so smooth and crispy that they will become an instant hit amongst friends and family both and soon become your premier choice of snack.
UNIBIC has a factory in Bangalore, Karnataka with the state of art facilities and machinery specially ordered from Italy, ensuring that the consumers get the best value and enjoy their cookies.
Each cookie is made with effort and affection , so that when you bite in to the cookie, along with the taste , the warmth and affection oozes out.
The UNIBIC choco nut cookies are not overtly sweet , allowing the weight watchers,and those who are keeping a tab on their sugar intake to indulge in this goodness.
UNIBIC India Pvt ltd has various add campaigns which includes a whole page write up on the goodness of these wholesome choco nut cookies. Indulge in the goodness today.

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