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Vivel Luxury Creme With Olive Butter Soap 3 X 125 g


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About Vivel Luxury Creme With Olive Butter Soap 3 X 125 g

Vivel Luxury Crème with olive butter soap has olive butter, which makes skin gorgeous and radiant. This removes dead skin from the body and has a very good aroma. The long lasting fragrance from the soap is specifically designed for women. It deodorizes the skin and the fragrance is long lasting. This soap fights germs and bacteria on the skin as well. The essential components of the soap make your skin feel soft and nourished. This gives a pleasant feeling while having a bath and elevates the whole experience. The texture of the soap is also friendly to the skin. It has a long life and does not liquefy in water and dissolve. The refreshing aroma of the soap is rewarding as it makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated for the whole day. The 24-hour protection ensured by the soap prevents pimples on the skin as well. TheVivel Luxury Crème soaps come with a double layer packaging. This packaging safeguards the freshness and the fragrance of the soap. This also increases the shelf life of the soap. Vivel, a very popular brand from ITC is known for its soaps and shampoos specifically designed for women. Products from Vivel nourish, protect and moisturize the skin. They take complete care fo the consumer and make her look beautiful and confident.



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